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watch the walkaround video below for details on the final production design.


Pay Attention To The Next Corner, Not Your Camper

If you're the kind of person who enjoys driving dirt roads, not just for the destination but for the bumps, the slides, the selection of a perfect line, then you know that the last thing you want to be thinking about is what those dirt roads are doing to a big heavy camper. We feel the same way. Which is why we designed a camper for people like us: people who are consumed by dirt-road daydreams.

Let us introduce you to the GFC Platform.



The GFC Platform

Off-Road Popup Camper

Supported Vehicles

  • 1995-Present Toyota Tacoma: all Bed LEngths except for 1st gen step side.

  • 2015-Present Colorado/Canyon: all Bed LEngths.

  • 2000-2006 Toyota Tundra: All models Except for step Side and 8' Bed.



  • 2007-CURRENT Toyota Tundra: All models Except for 8' Bed.

  • 2009-CURRENT FORD F-150: 5.5' AND 6' BedS.

  • 1999-CURRENT FORD SUPERDUTY (250 & 350): All models Except for 8' Bed.


  • 2014-CURRENT CHEVY/GMC 1500-3500: All models Except for 8' BedS.



    If you have a vehicle you'd like to see supported, let us know here.

    Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.32.05 AM.png

    Incredibly Durable 

    We borrowed a few desert racing ideas and built the Platform with a fully-welded steel space frame and lots of CNC-machined aluminum hardware designed to withstand countless miles of off-road abuse without complaint.

    How do you make a camper that won't fall apart when subjected to trail abuse?

    • Fully-welded steel space frame lower wrapped in formed aluminum panels.
    • CNC-machined aluminum hardware and hinges that would be right at home on a trophy truck.
    • Boxed aluminum tent chassis with integrated utility tracks strong enough to carry everything from surfboards to a load of lumber. 
    • A roof-sealing system that requires no glue or sealants to leak or degrade over time.
    • Honeycomb composite floor and roof panels that are light weight and impact resistant.
    • Easily removable tent fabric and mattress covers that can be cleaned with a hose.


    Ultra-Light, Ultra-Fast

    The more your camper weighs the harder it is for your suspension to do its job and the less capacity you have for gear. That's why we made the GFC Platform as light as possible... more go-fast driving fun and less breakage.

    Go light

    • At 280 lbs, the Platform is the lightest popup truck camper on the market, meaning your vehicle will handle better, especially off road.
    • Lighter weight means less wear and tear on both the camper and your truck.
    • On smaller trucks with low GVWR (Tacoma, we're looking at you) a lighter camper means more capacity for gear.

    And Fast

    • Pops up in seconds. Just pull the release cord and lift, the gas struts will take care of the rest.
    • Closes just as easily, no tucking required.

    Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 11.06.52 AM.png

    Extremely Liveable

    It seems like most new trucks weren't made for tall people to sleep in. But the GFC Platform was. It takes less than five seconds to pop up, but sleeps two 6'6" adults in comfort. The removeable floor panels provide ample living space and a towering 94" of standing room. So even the clydesdales among us can change clothes without stooping.

    How Do You Make A Small Space Incredibly Comfortable?

    • Vaulted ceilings: The single-pivot popup design provides 94" of standing room, meaning you can change without stooping and the inside feels much bigger than campers that pop straight up.
    • Insulated translucent roof panel that keeps the inside bright and cheery by day and warm and cozy at night.
    • Windows designed to give lots of cross ventilation.
    • 3" mattress with durable, weather-resistant covers.
    • And most importantly, our 3-panel Transform-a-Floor for maximum space versatility.


    The three-panel hinged Transform-a-Floor makes efficient use of space, allowing one person to get out while the other one sleeps. Traveling solo? Turn it sideways and keep two panels open in bunk mode. Waiting out a storm? You've got options.

    Camper Features and Options



    $5750 + Shipping

    • Camper assembly (Canopy, lifting roof portion, transform-a-floor and mattress)
    • Operable aluminum hard sides, with locking latches
    • Aluminum sides will be available in choice of white, silver or black powder-coat
    • Aluminum tent frame and DOM tube space-frame powder-coated in gunmetal
    • Mattress cushions and covers
    • Truck-specific CNC machined mounting kit
    • LED third brake light and wiring harness


    • Front and rear windows in the truck cap ($200/Window)
    • Roof rack cross bar mounting brackets ($240 per pair)
    • Solar roof-mounted ventilation fan ($150)
    • Interior LED lighting with USB Ports ($325)
    • Fitted cotton flannel sheet set ($79)
    • Basket style roof rack ($TBD)
    • Color-matched aluminum panels ($TBD)
    • Lower panel insulation kit ($TBD)
    • Heater ($TBD)


    • GFC is a collaboration between Hondo Garage and Aerocontinental. We're neighbors in the same Bozeman, Montana industrial complex and once we realized we both wanted a small camper that didn't exist, it was hard to ignore the fact that we were the right folks to build it.
    • We called our new company GFC, which stands for Go-Fast Campers. For us, driving dirt roads and trails is the primary focus rather than just a means to an end. So the campers we're building are designed to maximize the driving experience first and foremost. That said, We like to get a good night's sleep too. Hence our motto: drive fast, camp well.
    • Because we have our own factory with our own CNC machines and robotic automation, we can keep manufacturing in the USA and still produce a product at competitive prices. This is important to us. We're not just designing trick campers, but the manufacturing processes to make them cost-effectively.

    Delivery Timeline



    Build Progress (7/6/18)

    Manufacturing is in full swing as we continue to ship campers out through the summer months. Current production volumes are 5 units in process per week.